Jennifer Steed lives in Nelson, BC Canada,  a mountain town surrounded by pristine lakes and land.

As a student and practitioner in the healing and expressive arts for 30 years,  Jennifer has been a lifeguard, aquatics instructor, fitness trainer, massage therapist, iridologist, nutritional and lifestyle coach, ecstatic and trance dance facilitator, public speaker and a yoga teacher now for 17 years.

Co-founder of Trinity Yoga Teacher Training program she trained hundreds of yoga instructors in Canada.  Working full time as a yoga teacher Jennifer has lead countless workshops, classes and 60 yoga retreats globally.

Jennifer has also led 58 yoga retreats/ RejuVacations around the globe including Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, and Bali, Indonesia creating life changing experiences in sacred exotic locations.

Certified as a Health and Lifestyle Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition specializing in Adrenal Fatigue, Depression, and Anxiety. These topics are near and dear to her heart; having walked that path only too recently and deeply.

As a principal trainer for T. Harv Eker/ Peak Potentials, New Peaks USA  and Success Resources Singapore/UK  (global personal development companies), Jennifer has lead over 50,000 people from the stage with precision, professionalism and joyous connection.  Presenting at events in Malaysia, Spain, USA and Canada have given Jennifer world class experience.

Facilitator for Callan Rush of Leader to Luminary professional development; Jennifer is a valued member of the team providing compassionate and life changing facilitation at live events.

Considered a “Dynamic Integration Wizard” Jennifer brings skill and impact to seminars, workshops and events whether 10 people or 1800!

Creator of “108 Minutes to Your Best Life“ a unique online video series including hatha yoga, ecstatic movement, and meditation.

Producer of 3 audio yoga CDs and 2 DVD’s for home practice; Jennifer’s simple to follow and clear instructions give people tools for home or travel to address insomnia, low energy, poor balance, work place stress busters, increasing energy, improving workplace or travelers health and much more.

Jennifer is mother to Olivia Rose, born in 2005. Olivia has travelled and joined her mother in many programs nationally and internationally.