To make your event, seminar, camp, retreat or meeting extra-ordinary you need to create something that is:

  • impactful yet respectful of participants
  • easily integrated not annoyingly complex
  • relevant not ridiculous
  • professional yet vulnerably human
  • uplifting and multi-sensory

Jennifer Steed has been leading a multitude of groups in dynamic movement sessions based in a life time of study in hatha yoga and ecstatic free dance for 20 years.  From groups of 10 to 1800; from intimate classes to hotel rooms during multi-speaker events Jennifer is a very skilled leader from the stage and in the hearts of participants.  Having been mentored by some of the worlds best speakers/trainers she has synthesized skilful techniques to manage a room while bringing huge warmth and heart where everyone feels seen and held by her.

Jennifer’s formal training includes Ecstatic dance, massage therapy, nutritional and lifestyle counselling, Hatha yoga in various lineages, meditation and related trainings for public speakers.  Through and through her unique offering is about creating a relevant context for participants that helps integrate information being taught while enlivening a respect and love for their bodies and inspiring creative authentic expression.

Your friends, colleagues, associates, board members or participants will come away refreshed and reconnected with themselves and others in their event experience, further strengthening connections and healthy relationships going forward.

Life Changing

“Working with Jennifer was life-changing for the attendees at my Design Your Destiny Live event. Jennifer’s heartfelt passion for people make her different from other movement facilitators. She is professional, easy to work with and delivers custom-tailors her work to your audience. I highly recommend Jennifer and her work as a facilitator/emcee.”

Lisa Marie Platske

President/CEO, Upside Thinking, Inc.

Design your Destiny Live” Event with Lisa Marie Platzke – January 2016  in Los Angeles. 

“Return to your Source – Yoga Retreat – February 15-21 Mar de Jade Yoga retreat , Mexico.

“Mesmerize your Audience – Live event with Leader to Luminary in Whistler, BC – June 2016

Jennifer Steed is a skilled and professional teacher/facilitator who brings the gifts of deep knowledge, compassion, and humour. She can get a room full of people moving with wild abandon or bring each person to the heart of stillness.
Julie Blue